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Deliverable 3 - Joint colalborative work on time use visualization

Project: John Fell Fund, Oxford University

Together with Jooyeoun Suh and other collaborators, we developed a tool to help visualize time-use diaries.

The paper was published in PLoS One:


Time-use data can often be perceived as inaccessible by non-specialists due to their unique format. This article introduces the ATUS-X diary visualization tool that aims to address the accessibility issue and expand the user base of time-use data by providing users with opportunity to quickly visualize their own subsamples of the American Time Use Survey Data Extractor (ATUS-X). Complementing the ATUS-X, the online tool provides an easy point-and-click interface, making data exploration readily accessible in a visual form. The tool can benefit a wider academic audience, policy-makers, non-academic researchers, and journalists by removing accessibility barriers to time use diaries.